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Is your website built using WordPress?

Are you looking for ongoing support to maintain your WordPress website?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place.
WordPress is an open source, globally loved, website creation tool, used by millions across the world. It’s popular for good reason, it’s great! But its popularity makes it a prime target for hackers.

The bad news is, hackers attempt to infiltrate websites by worming their way in through outdated themes, plugins and old versions of WordPress.

The good news is, WordPress are on top of this and are constantly releasing updates to zap any bugs in the system, while at the same time benefiting its users with lots of new features.

At Fastwalker Digital, we understand you can’t afford any downtime from hacks that can impact your WordPress website. That’s why we’ve developed a support and maintenance service, with an option for all WordPress website owners, no matter how big or small your site.

We pride ourselves in delivering total peace of mind.

Emergency Support

If you need immediate and one-off support with your WordPress website, this is the option for you. Our fee will tackle any single issue you might have with your WordPress website.

£ 49

One off payment


  • We’ll quickly identify and fix your WordPress issue
  • An emergency fix for any single WordPress issue


A range of WordPress support services are included in our basic package. For just £35 a month we’ll tackle any initial issues for you, carry out a full health check and make weekly updates to WordPress core and plugins.

£ 35 /month

Based on 6 month contract*


  • We’ll tackle any initial issues for you
  • Carry out a full website health check
  • Customer portal access with weekly reporting
  • Weekly backup of database and site files
  • Weekly Core WordPress Updates
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin Updates
  • A daily security scan
  • Improvements to site security


The Silver plan gives you unlimited support and complete piece of mind. You’ll get everything that comes with the bronze package, plus unlimited fixes rather than the initial fix only with the basic plan.

£ 45 /month

Based on 6 month plan*


  • Unlimited fixes for the life of your plan
  • Carry out a full website health check
  • Customer Portal Access with weekly reporting
  • Daily secure off-site backup of database and site files
  • Weekly WordPress Core Update
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin Updates
  • A daily Security Scan
  • Improvements to Site Security
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • 30mins of Website Improvements



The ultimate support package for your website with everything you could ever need to maintain a healthy and secure WordPress website.

£ 65 /month

Based on 6 month plan*


  • Unlimited fixes for the life of your plan
  • Carry out a full website health check
  • Customer Portal Access with weekly reporting
  • Daily secure off-site backup of database and site files
  • Weekly WordPress Core Update
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin Updates
  • A daily Security Scan
  • Improve Site Security
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • 60mins of Website Improvements
  • Performance Boost – improve your website load speed
  • SEO Optimisation – improve your sites organic search visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with your support packages?

It’s easy to begin using our WordPress support packages. If you know which plan you’d like to choose, complete the sign-up process and you’ll have instant access to your portal to raise any issues you need fixing.

If you need a little help determining the best solution for you, simply complete our quick contact from, try to put in as much information as possible to detail your request and hit send. We’ll pick up your query asap.

How often do you apply updates?

Once we have you on board, we’ll monitor your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once a week, we’ll login to your websites dashboard and apply any new updates to plugins, themes and the WordPress core.

We’ll carry out a full check of your website to make sure all updates have been implemented successfully. If we find any issues following an update, we’ll be sure to resolve these for you immediately.

Do you really offer unlimited emergency fixes?

If you’ve opted for our Silver or Gold plans, absolutely. For the life of your plan, all fixes are covered no matter how big or small. The plan however doesn’t account for any fixes required for any new areas of development or new functionalities you may introduce during the course of your plan.

Will you keep me updated?

We will, each and every week. After we’ve made any weekly updates to your WordPress core, themes and plugins, we’ll send a report to you via your customer portal. You’ll always be kept in the loop by any changes we make.

How does your tech support work?

If you opt for one of our plans, our ticketing systems puts you in control of raising any issues with us. Our highly responsive team will continually monitor for any new tickets and we’ll action any fixes asap.

Can I raise a support ticket at any time of day?

You can login to your portal and raise a ticket with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you happen to find an issue at 3am, you can put your mind at ease by flagging the issue with us to fix asap. We aim to solve tickets within 4 hours (depending on how complex the issue is)

You have the option to flag an issue as critical too if you desperately need it resolving.

What happens if I go over my plan’s limits?

If you’ve opted for the Silver or Gold plan, you are entitled to a set amount of time, dedicated to website improvements. If you use up this time, we will notify you via your customer portal. Additional time for improvement/development work can be purchased from within your portal if you need a little more assistance in any given month.

How often will you backup my website?

The frequency of our backups is determined by the plan you choose. For Silver or Gold plans we’ll take a daily backup of your entire website. Backups are retained for 7 days in the unlikely instance we’d need to restore your site from an earlier backup.

What would you do if my site was ever hacked?

We will swiftly take care of the issue by removing any malware or malicious code and get your site back up and running as normal. All our customer sites are monitored 24/7 and we’d alert you immediately in the event an issue is detected.

What happens if one of my plugins is no longer supported?

If you’re on one of our support packages, we’ll alert you if a plugin on your site is no longer supported by the latest version of WordPress. We’ll make recommendations for the best course of action as outdated plugins can prove to be a major security risk to your website.

What does Performance Boost include?

If you’ve opted for the Gold package, you might be wondering what the Performance Boost feature entails. As part of your package we’ll carry out page speed optimisation to ensure faster loading times. We’ll continue to monitor and maintain load speed for the lifetime of your plan.

What’s included for SEO optimisation?

Another perk of the Gold package is basic search engine optimisation. We’ll carry out an SEO audit which will score your websites performance. We’ll work to improve and fix any issues to give you a higher score by making sure your site is in good shape overall.

Do you offer any customer development services?

We do indeed. If you’d like our help with a custom development project which falls outside the criteria of your support plan, then please do start the conversation with us. We’ll provide an estimate for any work you might require outside of plan. We can assist with your current website or even design you a new one from scratch.

Do you provide web hosting and SSL certificates?

Hosting and SSL certificates are not included within our support plans. We do however offer both of these on a pay per year basis. Our UK based hosting offers a fast and reliable performance. Please contact us or raise a ticket if you would like to arrange your hosting and/or SSL certificate with us.

Like us to handle your WordPress updates?

We’d love to help. Get in touch to hear about our WordPress maintenance packages.