In a recent social media competition, we asked you the following question…

“What makes a good website?”

And you didn’t let us down. We received lots of fantastic answers, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourites here in our news section.

So what exactly is the recipe for a good website?

Good navigation is essential

“Clear navigation with conversational English and no confusing jargon, keeping the customer in mind. Keep it interesting and organised with relevant but appealing and useful images. Last but not least keep it up to date and make changes when feedback is given!” – Eileen

“Eye catching homepage, with easy on the eye colours, that flow into each page. Great to navigate, with a good search option and decent filters.” – @JuJu_Carbo (our lucky winner!)

What makes a good website?

Content is key

“Easy to navigate round. Bright and easy to use menu. Interesting content, that makes it appeal to all users” – Tracey

“A good layout, but mostly interesting content” – Dominic

What makes a good website?

Picture perfect

“Lot of nice photos without music and flash adverts”. – Eileen

“A nice bold and bright layout and easy to use menu. Lots of pictures!” – Tracey

Search shouldn’t be difficult

“If I type in “How do I do <thing>” then <thing> should be answered as closely as possible. With advancements in AI and machine learning, websites shouldn’t have a problem these days, but it’s still hit and miss which can be infuriating, especially when the phoneline hold music tells you to try to find out the answer on our website.” – Simon

“Easy to search and find information” – Becky

What makes a good website?

Easy-to-find contact info

“A website that makes it easy to find out how to contact someone” – @ke1009

“An easy to remember URL. Clear layout and sectioned so users can find exactly what they are looking for by section instead of trawling the whole site. A 24/7 contact us site and a free-phone number. A good payment option if a site is selling goods. A user-friendly feel to make the user want to come back and also recommend to others.” – Neil

What makes a good website

Peak their interest

“A good website grabs your attention, evoking emotions and encourages you to stay longer, browsing different pages in order to find the information you need.” – Lyn

What makes a good website?

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