Can you design a unique website with a WordPress Theme?Can you design a unique website with a WordPress theme?


9 out of 10 times we’ll use a WordPress theme to build our WordPress websites.

There’s a huge variety of pre-built themes to choose from and we use them as a massive time and cost saver.

We can save time and reduce our costs by using themes over a bespoke website, built from scratch.

Aspects such as responsiveness and usability are already covered.

And what’s great about WordPress themes is that the look and feel can be completely customised to ensure the finished design reflects your brand identity.

Benefits of using themes over a custom web design

Save money

There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from and they all come with varying price tags, ranging from free to around the £1000 mark. But the cost of using a theme vs the cost of a custom-built website? There’s really no comparison.

We tend to opt for more premium themes for our builds as they have been created and fine-tuned by the highly experienced WordPress community. Maintaining a custom-built website would often rely on the use of a dedicated developer who probably built it initially. But there are many WordPress developers out there who are familiar and experienced in adapting WordPress themes to meet your needs (and for much less!)


People used to worry that using a theme would result in a website that looked like a clone of everybody else’s. However, there are now millions of customisable themes to choose from so there really isn’t a risk of that happening anymore.

Most themes are fully customisable which means you can change everything from the branding, colour scheme, layout, font, artwork etc. That’s what we do in a nutshell. Select a theme our clients love and then adapt it to make it their own.

WordPress also has a whole host of plugins too. If for example your website needs something a little more bespoke, outside of the realms of the template, you can guarantee there’ll be a plugin that’ll provide that functionality. As you can see, WordPress really is a fantastic platform for building websites as it can be easily customised to meet your individual needs. That’s why we love it!

The WordPress CMS is great

WordPress themes come with the added benefit of… WordPress! You can read all about WordPress here. But in a nutshell, it’s a fantastically, user friendly CMS. Themes are clever bits of code that take your content and produce a website out of it. If you’re pretty tech savvy, you’ll be able to do it yourself and you don’t even have to be a web developer to nail a basic website.

The WordPress platform is created by people for people. This simply means you don’t need advanced skills to use it. It is the most user-friendly CMS in the world today.

Fully responsive

It’s never been more important to ensure your website is fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices. That’s because more and more people are accessing websites from their devices and they expect a great user experience whether they visit your site from a laptop or mobile phone.

In the past you would typically need to create two versions of your website, one for desktop and one for mobile. Double the websites = double the work maintaining. That’s no longer the case thanks to responsive design.

All WordPress themes are created with built-in responsiveness. A big thumbs up to that. The responsive code will adjust the website to fit the screen size it is being viewed on. This means you don’t need to worry about building two versions of your website.

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