Can WordPress be used for ecommerce?

It certainly can. Long gone are the days when WordPress was mostly only used for uploading blogs and the like.

An increasing number of people are choosing to use WordPress for their ecommerce site and with a big list of benefits, it’s clear to see why.

To enable a WordPress site for ecommerce we use a plugin called WooCommerce.

Benefits of WooCommerce

  • When we build a new website for a client, we will start by finding suitable themes as a base for the design and functionality. All themes are fully customisable, so we can really put your stamp on it. Ecommerce is no exception. There’s a vast array of themes in existence, all geared up to be transactional and which give the end user the best experience. We will work with you to find the perfect theme to build upon.
  • Already have a WordPress site but want to start selling from it? That’s no problem. WooCommerce can integrate with an existing WordPress website.
  • If you’re concentred abut security there’s no need to be. WordPress has security well covered. With stringent password and login requirements, SSL certificate integration, security plugins and secure payment gateway integration, WordPress ticks all the boxes in ensuring your ecommerce site is secure.
  • There’s no limit to uploading inventory. WooCommerce lets you add unlimited products and attributes
  • It’s incredibly user friendly and allows you to easily make changes as and when you need to
  • It allows you to gather user reviews and star ratings to display against your products or services
  • It’s responsive. Your WordPress/WooCommerce site will look great on mobile, tablet or desktop.

We’re only just scraping the surface with our list above.

If you’d like to know more about how WordPress can be used for ecommerce, get in touch! We’d love to chat to you about your project.

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