WordPress. It’s the most popular SEO-powered website-building platform.

We use WordPress to power all our websites along with 32% of the entire web. It’s a CMS with sooo many benefits, a huge one being its SEO friendliness.

So we thought it would be a great idea to share with you 8 reasons why WordPress is good for SEO.

If you’re considering WordPress for your own website, read on.

Reason no. 1: The friendliest of URLs

WordPress allows you to easily update the permalink for all web pages and blog posts. Using a descriptive URL which features your targeted keywords is an instant SEO booster. Google will use this information as a determining factor for ranking. Match your articles keywords to your URL and search engines along with potential web visitors will get a grasp of the article or landing page before they’ve even landed on or crawled the page.

Reasons no. 2: Off the shelf optimisation

From the offset, WordPress is geared up for SEO. It presents the user with all the necessary fields to complete in order to optimise a page fully for SEO.  WordPress comes in to its own, especially when it comes to onsite SEO. We’ve already mentioned its ability to create SEO friendly permalinks but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are just a handful of it’s other SEO enabling benefits:

  • Create a page in WordPress and it’ll be HTML, a format easily read by all search engines.
  • The title tag and headings are what informs Google of a page’s content. WordPress allows you to easily enter these without any manual input.
  • Content is so important in the SEO game and WordPress makes adding new content effortless. Easily embed videos and images, preview it, tweak it here and there, hit publish. Et Voila!
  • The WordPress editor allows you to easily optimise any images you want to include on your website. It encourages you to input ALT tags, descriptions and more.

Reason no. 3: Powerful plugins

SEO WordPress plugins allow you to take it that one )or make that 10) steps further. Personally we love to use the Yoast SEO plugin to assist us with our SEO efforts. It’s up there as the number 1 WordPress SEO plugin and with a ‘yoast’ of features (get it!), it’s clear to see why. Yoast really does guide you through all aspects of SEO and scores your content with a traffic light system, giving valuable insight and suggestions on how to improve your pages performance in search engines. We love it and apply it to all of the pages we build for our clients in WordPress.

Reason no. 4: Sharing is caring

Social media has a role to play as part of your SEO efforts too. And WordPress recognises this with a variety of plugins to allow you to do various social related tasks. WordPress social plugins can automatically share new content across your channels, add social share buttons to all your new content and just generally increase your likelihood of remembering to engage with your audience through social. The more engaged your audience are on social, the more likely they are to engage with your content off social too.

Reason no. 5: Need for speed

One of the most important things to nail with your website is how fast it loads. The faster your load speed, the more likely a visitor will hang around and explore your site. Slow load speed and your visitors will bounce away. A big no-no for Google. When we build a new WordPress site, we take all the necessary measures to ensure its Speedy Gonzales. We use those trusted plugins again to make sure everything is optimised and running smoothly.

Reason no. 6: Even the themes have got your SEO covered

One of the things we love most about WordPress are the hundreds and thousands of themes available to choose from. Themes allow you to build pretty much any kind of website and tick off a load of boxes instantly such as style and functionality. But certain themes also help you along with SEO too. For one, a good quality theme will ensure your website is HTML, an easy format for the search engines to read. The use of a good theme will also result in a good website. Usability is an essential ingredient for SEO and one that Google looks for. A good user experience will have them staying on your site and that’ll put you in the good books with Google.

Reason no. 7: be mighty on mobile

While we’re on the subject of themes, we will only ever select a mobile optimised theme for any new website builds. In fact, WordPress no longer allow unresponsive websites into their directory. Google never shy away from telling us that mobile friendliness plays a huge role in how they rank websites and they won’t even entertain an unoptimised website on mobile search anymore. So as you can imagine, responsiveness sits very high on our agenda for any new website build.

Reason no. 8: take control of your own SEO

We’re always here to support our clients on an ongoing basis with SEO and have a number of tools and services available to do so. But we appreciate some small businesses with limited marketing budgets are often keen to take a hands-on approach where possible. Luckily WordPress is super user friendly so it’s pretty easy to pick up best practises when it comes to building on your website for SEO. Most of the things we’ve highlighted in this article can be implemented with a few clicks of the mouse and you don’t need to be concerned about coding. We can hand over the reigns on a newly built WordPress website and we even offer coaching if you’d like any support along the way.


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